First Post: Starting the Side Hustle Review

We all know that blogs can be a profitable side hustle. They are a tried and tested product that allow access to a huge number of income funnels. Affiliate links, personal courses, and sponsored posts, just to name a few. There are also numerous guides and start up posts on other blogs detailing the process, so this will be relatively high level.

I wanted to use my first post to highlight just how easy it was to research and launch a monetized blog.

This post will be the first of a series on this blog. It’s going to cover the start up process, my initial investment of time and money and will eventually include a monthly income report so that you can all experience the progress in real time.

The Start of Something New

After some research on one of my favorite blogs SmartBlogger, I knew that I needed the following elements in place to start this blog off on the right foot:

  • A Niche (Check)
  • A Domain name associated with said niche (Check, thanks to GoDaddy)
  • Domain Hosting (Checkerino, thanks to SiteGround)
  • A means of gathering email addresses (Big ol’ check, thanks to Moosend)
  • And last, but not least, a website (This website built with WordPress)

These were the basic building blocks of the website that you’re viewing now.

How much time did it take?

All told, from research through to posting this, my first ever blog post, I committed approximately 8 hours of my time.

But how much did it cost?

Although several free options existed, I opted to pay a small premium for things like domain hosting. The break down goes something like this:

  • 2 Year Private Domain Name Registration = $37.09 USD
  • 1 Year Domain Hosting (Basic “Start up” package) = $47.40 USD
  • Logo and Site Icon = $1.06 USD

Other than time, this represents the whole of my investment as of Day 1.  I will keep you all posted as my progress continues.

Future Steps

In order to monetize this blog fully I’ll need a few things in place before moving forward. I’ll need to set up an affiliate account with affiliate sites like Commission Junction and Amazon.

I’ll also need to brush up on my Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a topic that has changed significantly since my last foray into online marketing.

SEO has a steep learning curve, but is incredibly important for driving organic traffic to your blog.

Side Hustle Review


One need only look at the income reports of established blogs to see their viability as a side hustle. Blogs like Financial Samurai, Finsavvy Panda, and The Savvy Couple have consistently posted significant earnings in their monthly reports.


Blogging so far has had very low barriers to entry. By using only free options the only barrier to entry here is that one has access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if people could do this using only free access to computers at their local public library.


Blogs are one of the truly limitlessly scalable side hustles out there. Their only limitation is one’s ability to maintain a frenzied pace of content generation. So long as relevant and useful information continues to be produced on a regular basis (the recommendation I’ve seen from several sources is 3 posts per week) the blog will continue to grow.

This scale-ability will be heavily impacted by how you monetize your site.

That all being said, a small blog can still generate a large income depending on how you have monetized your content. Some bloggers generate most of their income from affiliate links. While others see better numbers from sponsored posts.

Closing Thoughts

So far, this has been a great learning experience. Even if this blog does not take off, though I hope that it will, I will be moving forward feeling like the last 8 hours have been well spent.

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